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August 26 2016

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jonny wan [artist]
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They quickly ran out of lust & sloth ?
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August 25 2016

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The adrenaline ride [for some out there] [love is pain or torture]
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Sleeping Lady Resort
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basement bar: i'm glad progress is made :-)
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nivea seagull
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invasion (belgium) 
Belgian people are heroes for 1 day - booyah !
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octopus robot

August 24 2016

EFT: emotional Freedom Techniques ("The Tapping Solution")


Android app:

Tapping/EFT – is a simple yet effective tool for clearing stress  [and emotional pain or trauma - f.e. addictions, anxiety, depression, fear of rejection, insomnia, ptsd] [also: achieving goals]
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tgmw>to build a fire
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"oh, yeahhh"
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black belt?
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